My process

  • Brainstorming


    Lets talk about what you need from the project, what outcomes are expected in terms of both deliverables, communications, and ongoing support. We can share ideas, and draft a plan of action for completing your project.

  • Initial Drafts

    Based on our brainstorming discussion and plan, I'll come up with 2-3 main concepts for your proejct (may vary depending on project). We can then decide on a design direction and narrow our focus.

  • Feedback

    At this point, I'll send you a first draft of all major design elements. It is at this point that major feedback is encouraged, as this is a key point in the design process. I'll be using that feedback to develop our final drafts.

  • Finishing Touches

    After receiving all necessary copy and images from you, I will develop final drafts. At this point, only minor changes will be accepted.

  • Full Project Launch

    At this point, all deliverables will be completed. This would normally include multiple files of differing resolutions and sizes. Source files will be sent depending on project.

  • Ongoing Support

    Depending on the scope of the project, I will offer some ongoing support. For businesses that require ongoing contact, we can arrange for content creation on an ongoing basis. For limited scope projects, ongoing support is limited.