Devon Chisholm 

Devon Chisholm - Freelance Photographer, Graphic , & Web Designer

Devon Chisholm - Freelance Photographer, Graphic , & Web Designer

I have been involved in photography for a number of years and have recently developed a passion for simplistic, attractive graphic design, both in print and online. With regards to photography, my favourite subjects include capturing the subtle stillness of nature and the intricacies of historic architecture. Additionally, I especially enjoy the amount to which depth of field has the ability to transform an image.

I enjoy working in fast paced, innovative environments, as inefficiency as the bane of my existence and problem solving is an everyday, all night activity. I live by the motto that “change is constant and to be embraced, not feared or avoided”. I prefer to collaborate with small teams, but also enjoy focused work sessions with just myself and a cup of tea. 

If you're hiring and would like to see my print resume click here, or keep scrolling to learn more about me!

Things I like to do


Drink Tea

My day is not complete without at least 3-5 (let's get real, 10) cups of the good stuff. What I lack in sleep I make up for in caffeine. I purchase mugs based on three qualities, "mitt friendliness" (otherwise known as, can I carry it around with a mitt on in the winter?), "splash zone" (does the curvature of the mug retain liquid, or are my feet in for a nice drink?) and "heat control" (will the thickness and material of the mug retain the heat of my precious brew?).  

Fun Fact: I once filled half a suitcase full of tea from Ireland. Yes, I'm that dedicated. 

Drink Craft Beer

No, I'm not a pretentious beer snob. I attended StFX University in the small town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. There were three craft breweries within an hours drive, and a local brewpub with 9 Nova Scotian taps just down the street. I enjoy the camaraderie of the craft brewing industry, as well as how often they are able to innovate and come up with new flavours, and unique characteristics. 

Fun Fact: While on a brewery tour of Tool Shed Brewing in Calgary, AB, I found out that the owner knew the owner of a brewery close to Antigonish. The two had been in a mutual friends wedding together! Needless to say, Jeremy of Big Spruce Brewing in Cape Breton received a sample pack of Tool Shed on my next trip up to Nyanza.


While most of my content is created for work related purposes, I do find time now and then to work on creative projects. Pictured to the left is the state of my desk on most days. I prefer to hash out ideas on paper, build a concept, and translate that concept into digital art. I was always creative, beginning with lego at an early age and gradually transitioning to where I am today. 

Fun Fact: The Wacom Pen & Touch tablet pictured was probably the best investment I've ever made. It has nearly replaced my use of a computer mouse, and allowed for detailed control over my design projects.  

Play Guitar

While sadly my sweet darling has been a bit quieter over the past few years as work and school have eaten up my time, I still find opportunities to let her sing. I enjoy playing anything from Bon Iver, to Neil Young, to the Dire Straits. 

Fun Fact: In grade 11 we formed a band in music class to compete in a local battle of the arts competition. You can click below to hear a track I played rhythm guitar on called "Faded" by John Stevens. 

Lead Vocals & Guitar- John Stevens  // Backing Vocals - Aryn Sanojca, Stephen Buckley // Bass - Matt Christie


My parents were always adamant that I learn life skills from an early age. I began helping my parents bake (every parent needs an assistant to lick the cookie dough off the spoon), and have grown from there. My preferred method of cooking is barbecuing, though the illustration represents what happens when the gas runs out. 

Fun Fact: In dorm, I managed to cook roast beef,  lava cake, pancakes, and bacon all while not being allowed to have any appliance with an open flame or element (slow cookers and induction hotplates ftw).


When I see a problem in the world, it bothers me to the soul and I tend to think about it frequently. Instead of counting sheep to fall asleep, I start thinking of a problem and my solution for it. These problems could be work/project related, but also include broader issues like global warming, homelessness, and the applications of big data. I take interest in how technology can not only help us as humans, but help the world we live in. I believe that we are on the cusp of a new age, where mass data collection and analysis will enable AI and automated technologies to vastly change the world we live in. 

Fun Fact: I once had a thirty minute chat about sidewalks with a group of urban planners. I don't care how far the 'job site' extended, a sidewalk leading into a wall is never a good idea. 

Oh, I also like to wake up with energy.