In addition to the work featured below, I've often helped friends out with smaller projects or submitted designs in competition. 


StFX Students Union

In the summer of 2016 as Print Media Manager of the StFX Students' Union Marketing Team, I had the opportunity to redesign the StFX Students' Union Logo, and branding style. After many iterations we settled on a cleaner, more modern logo than the previous version (similar to a comic sans "u") with a blue gradient. We kept blue and orange as the Student Union colors, while adding a fresh new feel that is more in line with modern design standards. 


The Golden X INN

The Golden X Inn is StFX's student run bar. I was responsible for ongoing event promotion and created many of the years social media promotional graphics. As the year went on, my style evolved from mostly image based to incorporating flat design concepts within the graphics. In addition to ongoing promotion, the branding was also restyled to match the refreshed students' union logo. 

The Xaverian Weekly

For two years, I created the covers for The Xaverian Weekly, as well as any custom advertisements or promotional material. In the fall of 2016, we rebranded to refresh the paper itself and visually display editorial change. In addition to the logo and style, I built a brand new website to host our content and allow for the production of innovative multimedia content in years to come. 

StFX Frosh Week 2016

As Summer Marketing Intern, I was responsible for developing the branding for StFX Frosh Week 2016. The theme was "This is 2020", a mix of a tech heavy future, and diversity and inclusion. The logo is modelled after the geodesic dome residing at Epcot in Disney. The name Epcot itself comes from "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow", while also being a center of multiculturalism. The logo was designed to act as a distinct Frosh Week promotional tool, while maintaining elements of the StFX Students' Union logo through use of the blue gradient and consistent font. 

A friend's Wealthsimple Presentation. 

No, I didn't do the presentation for them. I simply helped a friend out with advice about refining the visuals and graphics of their presentation, and in the process created a nice style template that reflects Wealthsimple's branding guidelines. Though, I did create Wesley, the friendly wealth saving robot.